dopa decarboxylase [Homo sapiens]

This is a protein that I randomly selected.

  • GenBank: AAA20894.1
  • 480 aa
  • AKA: Aromatic L-amino acid decarboxylase (AADC)
  • It catalyzes several different decarboxylation reactions
  • More info: WIKIPEDIA

protein sequence

      1 mnasefrrrg kemvdyvany megiegrqvy pdvepgylrp lipaaapqep dtfediindv
     61 ekiimpgvth whspyffayf ptassypaml admlcgaigc igfswaaspa cteletvmmd
    121 wlgkmlelpk aflnekageg ggviqgsase atlvallaar tkvihrlqaa speltqaaim
    181 eklvayssdq ahssveragl iggvklkaip sdgnfamras alqealerdk aaglipffmv
    241 atlgtttccs fdnllevgpi cnkediwlhv daayagsafi cpefrhllng vefadsfnfn
    301 phkwllvnfd csamwvkkrt dltgafrldp tylkhshqds glitdyrhwq iplgrrfrsl
    361 kmwfvfrmyg vkglqayirk hvqlshefes lvrqdprfei cvevilglvc frlkgsnkvn
    421 eallqrinsa kkihlvpchl rdkfvlrfai csrtvesahv qrawehikel aadvlraere

protein structure

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