Assignment 3

To use the single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) database, I chose protein LL-37, an antimicrobial protein in humans. There were several SNPs for this particular protein, as shown below.

The SNP projects page has many resources including a viewer called Cn3D to view proteins. The image below was generated using the database's 3d viewer and viewed in Cn3D using the rotate feature.

Comments from Kasun:

1) Include SNPs you can see in the gene and the causes of that. What its going to do for the gene? Induce missense mutations for example. That's important I guess. Indeed a missense mutations! See IL-37

2) Did you search 1000 genomes as well? Go to 1000 Genomes Browser in NCBI and type your gene name. It will give you data on population diversity of particular SNPs that are associated with the gene of interest. It will make the page more attractive.

3) It will be a good idea to include dbSNP and dbVar links to the page and an introduction to those. At least what you can do with those.

Great work Brad! Like your page, specially for the Assignment 2.


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