Quiz: 1 Apr 2015

Create a page on the wiki called cgss15:students:bradpitt:quiz:2015-04-01, where you replace bradpitt with your actual Wiki username. Use this page to provide your answers for the following questions.

  1. Describe the transcriptome assembly problem in terms of inputs and outputs.
  2. How is transcriptome assembly different from genome assembly? What might cause a genome assembler to produce erroneous results when assembling transcriptome data?
  3. The use of de Bruijn graphs as an underlying data structure is common for both genome and transcriptome assemblers. What do the nodes and edges of de Bruijn graphs represent?
  4. Define the term chimeric transcript and describe how chimeric transcripts are produced during assembly.
  5. What is a feature of prokaryotic genome organization that could potentially make assembly of individual genes difficult?
  6. Why do we sometimes refer to assembled transcript sequences as “pseudo-transcripts” or “pseudo-mRNAs?”
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