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 +Interns Meeting with Pavel and Rohit: Time sheets for Interns
 +Log in and log out - specify the time. Paths to the files will be found in Andrew'​s email later. ​
 +====== Megaputer Intelligence Weekly Meeting 3/11/2016 ======
 +Seminar for Lilly 4/7/2016. A collection of different topics.
 +Group 1: Case management: employee survey, customer survey, etc. 
 +Group 2: Analysis of electronic medical records, safety reports, medical devices, etc. 
 +Group 3: Social Media analysis, news analysis, etc. 
 +Each group has 30 min to present. ​
 +===== Fraud Detection in Healthcare with PolyAnalyst 6 -- Sergei =====
 +Wealth of data are being captured and stored, like licenses, claims (professional,​ institutional,​ pharmacy, DME) and patient data. 
 +Overwhelming volumes of data: so many diagnoses, procedures, providers, patients and transactions. ​
 +Investigators need automated fraud detection tools. ​
 +  * Fighting fraud and abuse: data -> fraud detection -> investigation -> savings...$$$
 +  * Step 1: Fraud Detection: whistle blowers, rule-based approaches, data mining approaches (unsupervised,​ supervised)
 +  * Step 2: Investigation
 +  * ......
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