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 +====== Megaputer Intelligence Weekly Meeting 5/19/2017 ======
 +=====  Automated Pharmacovigilance by Rebecca Hall  =====
 +Pharmacovigilance (drug safety) attempts to monitor and prevent adverse effects from pharmaceutical products. ​
 +language detection -> NLP including all the extraction ​
 +Accurately extract AE descriptions:​ from table or free text, note to distinguish between AE and similarly, medical history, or negate descriptions,​ or indications (the reason why the patient has been taking this drug). ​
 +MedDRA coding example: vernacularisms,​ customized serious event PT code list, European standard Core serious list and machine learning. ​
 +Case Management System: user dashboard, real-time automated solution, generate key results like patient and reporter info, dates, ID numbers, drug names, AE text and medical codes, report validity and event seriousness. ​
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