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 +====== Megaputer Intelligence Weekly Meeting 6/24/2016 ======
 +===== IT 101 by Pavel =====
 +Computer Training: common IT issues that arise in Megaputer Intelligence
 +  * Email   
 +            -  Attachments:​ Save to your temporary folder once downloaded. Check email interface, can save/​detach/​delete the attachment (but not the email) to create more space. ​
 +            -  Email Quota: There'​s a limit. Please archive older emails to your hard drive or save to your personal. ​
 +            -  Send/​Receive:​ If not getting emails, make sure to click send/​receive all folders (maybe in the spam folder). ​
 +  * File Management  ​
 +                     ​- ​ Temp Folder: Temp folder is for temporary transition of files. If need the files in the long run, make sure it goes into your named folder on Pharaoh. Temp folder has permissions so that ANYONE on the network can access the files stored there. So it's a good place to save attachments and share to others. ​
 +                     ​- ​ Employee Folder: Permanent and backed up. Only the name of the folder has access to the contents. TALK TO MITCH IF YOU DON'T HAVE IT!!!!!
 +  * A-Records ​  
 +                -  megaputer.com is hosted by an off-site company
 +                -  sftp.polyanalyst.com (SFTP) www.polyanalyst.com (MISER) VPN.polyanalyst.com (VPN) webreports.polyanalyst.com (Pyramid) nordstrom.polyanalyst.com (POC), etc.
 +      ​
 +  * Printers  ​
 +              -  First Floor: name is 1FloorB&​W,​ IP is,​ and scanner is able to email and save to USB
 +              -  Second Floor: name is 2FloorColor,​ and IP is But please use B&W printing for the most of the time. 
 +  * Backups  ​
 +             ​- ​ Servers: backup schedule using Acronis, this includes Employee Folders on Pharaoh, and backups are usually 2-3 days apart, so make sure you have very important documents/​files saved on local drive and network drive.
 +             ​- ​ Laptops: only a few are on backup, will be remedied soon. 
 +  * General IT Questions  ​
 +                          -  Restarts: sometimes machines need a restart to fix many minor issues that compile while the computer is on
 +                          -  Networks: Megaputer Intelligence is normal network operation, no cellphone on this network. While Megaputer Guest is AT&T backup network. Currently cellphones are allowed on it. 
 +                          -  Logging into the network: (if there have been too many failed log attempts) lockouts have a 15 minute timer, if you are locked out and can't reach an admin, just take a break. ​
 +  * Other Useful Tips  ​
 +                       ​- ​ Always be fully aware of what you are doing and why.
 +                       ​- ​ Closing computer lids.
 +                       ​- ​ Typing your passwords to access resources.
 +                       ​- ​ Use KeyPass or other secure password managers.
 +                       ​- ​ Read Aux and maintain Aux in good shape. ​
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