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V. Brendel serving as Chair of the iPlant Collaborative Scientific Advisory Board

V. Brendel appointed Consulting Editor of Plant Cell

Recent publications:

Rauch, H.B., Patrick, T.L., Klusman, K.M., Battistuzzi, F.U., Mei, W,. Brendel, V.P. & Lal, S.K. (2014) Discovery and Expression Analysis of Alternative Splicing Events Conserved among Plant SR Proteins. Mol. Biol. Evol. 31, 605-613. [PubMed ID: 24356560] [online article] [PDF]

Yi, G., Brendel, V.P., Shu, C., Li, P., Palanathan, S. & Kao, C.C. (2013) Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms of Human STING Can Affect Innate Immune Response to Cyclic Dinucleotides. PLoS One 8, e77846. [PubMed ID: 24204993] [online article] [PDF]

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Group Meetings

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Brendel Group meetings this term will be held every Thursday morning at 11:00 AM in Room 216A Simon Hall. The first half hour will be devoted to literature/resource review. You may select papers yourself or pick from the list below. In either case, please post your selection several days before the meeting to give other group members adequate time to read the papers. In your discussion, please briefly review the background, goals, and achievements of the paper, then suggest applications to your or our group's work as well as extensions or improvements. It is not expected that you necessarily understand all aspects of the paper you present. If thoughtful questions arise, pose them, and the group will be challenged to help.

The second half hour of the group meeting will be devoted to research presentations. Use these times to practice giving short talks, get others excited about what you are doing, and outline what you have accomplished and where you are headed in your research.

Meeting Topics (reverse chronological order)

August 22, 2013

Welcome of new members to the group and everyone to the new academic year.