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The future of computational genomics:

  Brendel, V.P. (2018) From small RNA discoveries to a new paradigm in computational genomics? New Phytol. 220, 659-660. [PubMed ID: 30324739] [online article] [PDF]

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TSRchitect is now available as a Bioconductor R package!

Brendel group in the Indiana Daily Student news (Dec. 12, 2016)

Volker Brendel elected AAAS Fellow (Oct. 2016); IU News Release (Nov. 21, 2016)

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The Brendel Group provides domain expertise to advise the Jetstream national science and engineering cloud project.

V. Brendel serves on the CyVerse External Advisory Board.

V. Brendel serves as Consulting Editor of The Plant Cell.

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Volker Brendel - Grant Support up to 2011

(click here to see current grant support)
1/1/12 - 6/30/15
NSF IOS-1221984 $1,384,920
IPGA: Characterization, Modeling, Prediction, and Visualization of the Plant Transcriptome Volker Brendel
7/15/06 - 9/30/11
NSF DBI-0606909 $4,120,931
Cyberinfrastructure for (Comparative) Plant Genome Research through PlantGDB Volker Brendel
9/1/06 - 8/31/11
NSF DBI-0543441 $1,106,853
PLEXdb: Plant Expression Database Julie Dickerson, Iowa State University (VB - Senior Personnel)
8/1/06 - 7/31/12
NSF DBI-0604923 $6,090,163
Genetic Mechanisms Regulating Inflorescence Architecture in Maize and other Cereals Sarah Hake, U.C. Berkeley (VB - Senior Personnel)
5/1/05 - 4/30/12
NSF DBI-0501713 $3,779,502 A Two Component Activator/Dissociation Platform for Reverse and Forward Genetic Analysis in Maize Thomas Brutnell, Boyce Thompson Institute for Plant Research, Cornell University
8/1/07 - 12/31/10
ARS/USDA Specific Cooperative Agreement No. 58-3625-7-631 $109,664 Development of Novel Maize Sequence Access and Analysis Methods for MaizeGDB Volker Brendel
8/15/06 - 7/31/10
NSF EEC-0608769 $450,000 BBSI Bioinformatics and Computational Systems Biology Summer Institute at Iowa State University Robert Jernigan, Iowa State University
6/1/05 - 8/31/09
ARS/USDA Specific Cooperative Agreement No. 58-3625-5-124 $217,194 Relational Legume Genome Database: The Breeder's Toolbox Volker Brendel
1/1/04 - 12/31/07
NSF DBI-0321600 $1,047,220
PlantGDB - Plant Genome Database and Analysis Tools Volker Brendel
10/1/02 - 9/30/07
NSF EEC-0234102 $645,000 NIH-NSF BBSI: Summer Institute in Bioinformatics and Computational Biology - Iowa State University Volker Brendel
10/1/01 - 9/30/07 NSF DBI-0110189 $445,247
(ISU subcontract expired 9/30/06)
Regulation of Inflorescence Architecture in Maize Sarah Hake, U.C. Berkeley
9/1/03 - 8/31/06
BARD IS-3454-03 $130,000
(ISU subcontract)
Harnessing the Genetic Diversity Engendered by Alternative Gene Splicing Robert Fluhr, The Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel
9/15/02 - 9/30/06 USDA-NRI CGP 52.1, Plant Genome Program - Bioinformatics and Data Management $502,039 BarleyBase, a Prototype Online Database for Cereal Microarrays with Integrated Tools for Data Visualization Julie Dickerson, Iowa State University
9/25/01 - 9/24/06
ARS/USDA Specific Cooperative Agreement No. 58-3625-1-192 $818,976 Database of Maize Genome Information (DBMGI) - A New Generation Maize Genome Database Volker Brendel
6/30/03 - 6/30/05
National Center for Genome Resources $133,864 Legume Information System (subcontract) Volker Brendel
9/5/03 - 8/31/04
ARS/USDA Specific Cooperative Agreement No. 58-3625-3-152 $46,000 Maize Genomic Sequences: Annotation and Curation in MaizeGDB Volker Brendel
7/1/02 - 12/31/04
NSF ACI-0203782 $150,000 Parallel Algorithms and Software for Gene Identification and Annotation from EST Collections Srinivas Aluru, Iowa State University
9/1/01 - 10/31/04
NSF DBI-0110254 $158,996 PlantGDB - Plant Genome Database and Analysis Tools Volker Brendel
9/1/03 - 12/31/03
NSF DBI-0319973 $55,196
(Supplemental Award)
PlantGDB - Plant Genome Database and Analysis Tools Volker Brendel
10/1/98 - 9/30/04 NSF DBI-9872657 $1,416,194
(ISU subcontract)
Maize Gene Discovery, Sequencing and Phenotypic Analysis Virginia Walbot, Stanford University
9/15/01 - 8/31/04
NSF EIA-0130861 $166,518 CISE Research Resources: Acquisition of a cluster for experimental parallel computing research in scientific computing and computational biology Srinivas Aluru, Iowa State University
7/1/01 - 12/31/03 NSF DBI-0090732 $399,810 Efficient Web-based Serving of Consolidated Multi-Source Biological Sequence Data Extracts Volker Brendel
7/1/01 - 6/30/03 ISU Plant Sciences Institute Grant $25,000 Identification of Alternatively Spliced Genes in Arabidopsis Volker Brendel
7/1/00 - 6/30/02 Iowa Corn Promotion Board $32,000 Gene Discovery and Annotation in the Maize Genome Database ZmDB Volker Brendel
7/1/99 - 6/30/01 NIH 5R44HG001850-03 $57,411
(VB part of ISU subcontract)
An Integrated 'Field Stream' Bioinformatics Data System Michael Bergman, VisualMetrics Inc.
7/1/00 - 12/31/01 ISU University Research Grant $17,350 Parallel Computational Methods for Gene Identification from EST Collections Srinivas Aluru, Electrical and Computer Engineering
10/1/00 Hewlett-Packard Inc. (1) R390 server
(1) B180L workstation
Equipment Gift (Loan from 4/1/99) Volker Brendel