Digital Biology: A survey of topics in bioinformatics and functional genomics

BIOL-L/MLS-M 388 Spring 2021

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Tues, Thur 11:30a - 12:45p (Credits: 3.0); online / Psychology (PY) 100

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Tues Jan 19 0.1 Orientation
What is Digital Biology?

Current Topics in Genome Analysis 2016, a National Human Genome Research Institute lecture series:
The Genomic Landscape circa 2016 (Lecturer: Dr. Andy Green)

MIT Lectures on "COVID-19, SARS-CoV-2 and the Pandemic"

Precedence: The Fastest Outbreak - connection to bioinformatics work

Bioinformatics Databases and Computing Resources

National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI), a great starting point for "anything" bioinformatics
Volker Brendel
Thur Jan 21 1.1 Bioinformatics Skills

Basic UNIX shell tutorial
Command-line bootcamp
vi(m) editor tutorial

Python tutorial
Style matters ...
Learning Scientific Programming with Python - an intriguing resource
Volker Brendel
Tues Jan 26 1.2 Mapping biological question onto computational problems:
The modeling spiral

Sequence gazing: the famous TATA-box

Sequence Spaces and Models

Customizing your Bioinformatics Toolbox
Virtual Machines: VirtualBox VMware
Getting code: git GitHub Brendel Group on GitHub
Volker Brendel
Thur Jan 28 1.3 Review of Module 1

Quiz 1
Tues Feb 2 2.1 Sequence Alignments 1

How Do We Compare Biological Sequences?
from Bioinformatics Algorithms: An Active Learning Approach

Some presentations for further study:

Biological Sequence Analysis I (Lecturer: Dr. Andy Baxevanis
Biological Sequence Analysis II (Lecturer: Dr. Andy Baxevanis)
Volker Brendel
Thur Feb 4 2.2 Sequence Alignments 2
MIT video: Local Alignment (BLAST) and Statistics
Volker Brendel
Tues Feb 9 2.3 Sequence Alignments 3
MIT video: Global Alignment of Protein Sequences (NW,SW, PAM, BLOSUM)
Volker Brendel
Thur Feb 11 2.4 Sequence analysis with scores: Substitution scoring matrices
Biological Sequence Analysis I (Lecturer: Dr. Andy Baxevanis)

Slides for Sequence Analysis I presentation
Handout for Sequence Analysis I presentation

Quiz 2
Volker Brendel

Tues Feb 16 3.3 Wellness Day no class
Thur Feb 18 3.2

Evolutionary Processes 1

Introduction to Molecular Evolution
The Fastest Outbreak
Transforming Distance Matrices into Evolutionary Trees
Toward an Algorithm for Distance-Based Phylogeny Construction
Additive Phylogeny
Using Least-Squares To Construct Distance-Based Phylogenies
Ultrametric Trees
The Neighbor-Joining Algorithm

The powers and pitfalls of parsimony

Evolutionary Processes 2

Character-based Tree Reconstruction
The Small Parsimony Problem
The Large Parsimony Problem
Evolutionary Tree Reconstruction in the Modern Era
Volker Brendel
Tues Feb 23 3.3 Evolutionary Processes 3

GBE article on lungfish development

EBI MP Tools

... a bit of history
Volker Brendel
Thur Feb 25 3.4 Quiz 3 Students
Tues Mar 2 4.1 Genome Characteristics 1 (Motivation)

The Genomic Landscape circa 2016 (Lecturer: Dr. Andy Green)

Assembly basics
NCBI Genome

Genome Characteristics 2 (Assembly)

Introduction to genome sequencing
How do we assemble genomes?
from Bioinformatics Algorithms: An Active Learning Approach
Volker Brendel
Thur Mar 4 4.2 Genome Characteristics 2 (Assembly) ... continued

Sanger sequencing
Illumina sequencing
nanopore sequencing
Volker Brendel
Tues March 9 4.3 Genome Characteristics 3 (Assembly) ... continued

NCBI Assembly Help
paper wasp genome page
Other types of assembly: RNA-Seq
Volker Brendel
Thur March 11 4.4 Genome Annotation: Introduction

Eufriesea mexicana genome page at NCBI
GFF3 standard

Quiz 4
Volker Brendel

Tues March 16 5.1 Genome Annotation: Models

Review: Conditional Probability

Hidden Markov Models: Concepts and Algorithms

Hidden Markov Models
(from Bioinformatics: An Active Learning Approach)

GeneMark (old article from the early days)
Profile Hidden Markov Models
Volker Brendel
Thur March 18 5.2 Genome Annotation: Practice

GeneMark.hmm prokaryotic
GeneMark.hmm eukaryotic

Volker Brendel
Tues March 23 5.3 Genome Annotation: Evaluation

Sensitivity, specificity, and all that
sample paper

How to evaluate gene structure prediction accuracy

Volker Brendel
Thur March 25 6.1 Protein Structures 1
PDB: What is a protein?
PDB: How enzymes work

Guide to PDB

PDB Molecule of the Month
NCBI Protein

MIT Lecture: Introduction to Protein Structure; Structure Comparison and Classification
Volker Brendel
Tues March 30 6.2 Protein Structures 2

peptide bond
Ramachandran plot ... very nice visualization thereof
(thanks to Prof. Eric Martz)


MIT Lecture: Predicting Protein Structure
Online Class
Volker Brendel
Thur April 1 6.3 Protein Structures 3: Secondary Structure

2StruCompare server

Jpred - secondary structure prediction


Quiz 5
Volker Brendel

Tues April 6 7.1 Genetic variation
Interpreting an individual genome

NCBI dbSNP    How To
NCBI dbVar    How To
1000 Genomes Project    Nature 491:56
Example: rs1131769
Recent paper of interest
Volker Brendel
Thur April 8 7.2 Relevant file format specifications:

Variant Call Format (VCF)
Sequence Alignment Map format (SAM)
SAM flags explained
Pileup format (used by samtools)

Relevant code:

NCBI SRA Toolkit
Volker Brendel
Thur April 13 7.3 Gene Expression Analyses
from Bioinformatics Algorithms: An Active Learning Approach

MIT Lecture: Gene Regulatory Networks
MIT Data Science: Clustering
Volker Brendel
Thur April 15 7.4 Quiz 6 Students
Tues April 20 7.5 Volker Brendel
Thur April 22 Wellness Day no class
Tues April 27 8.1 Review
Volker Brendel
Thur April 29 8.2 Review
Volker Brendel
Thur May 6 7:45am - 9:45am

PY 100
Final Examination Students