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INFO I519 Fall 2022

Fundamental Models and Algorithms in Bioinformatics

INFO I519 (= I617) Fall 2022

Time & Location:    Mon, Wed 3:00p - 4:15p (Credits: 3.0); Biology Building (JH) 001
                               Computer Laboratory, Fri 9:45a - 11:00a; Radio-TV (TV) 186
Instructor:    Volker Brendel (205C Simon Hall); Assistant Instructor: Siddhant Meshram (TBA)
Email:     VB,; SM,
Virtual Office Hours:     Mon, Wed after class and by appointment.
Grades:    will be determined as described below.
Computing Resources:     You will need to bring a laptop to class to participate in exercises, group activities, and scheduled quizzes. An initial goal of the course will be to instruct you in setting up a Linux environment on your laptop for class work and bioinformatics work in general. Access to IU Linux and HPC resource will be reviewed as needed.

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