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Fresh off the press:

Morandin, C., Brendel, V.P., Sundström, L.; Helanterä, H. & Mikheyev, A. (2019) Changes in gene DNA methylation and expression networks accompany caste specialization and age-related physiological changes in a social insect methylation. Molecular Ecology, 28, 1975-1993. [PubMed ID: 30809873] [online article] [PDF]

The future of computational genomics:

  Brendel, V.P. (2018) From small RNA discoveries to a new paradigm in computational genomics? New Phytol. 220, 659-660. [PubMed ID: 30324739] [online article] [PDF]

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TSRchitect is now available as a Bioconductor R package!

Brendel group in the Indiana Daily Student news (Dec. 12, 2016)

Volker Brendel elected AAAS Fellow (Oct. 2016); IU News Release (Nov. 21, 2016)

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The Brendel Group provides domain expertise to advise the Jetstream national science and engineering cloud project.

V. Brendel serves on the CyVerse External Advisory Board.

V. Brendel serves as Consulting Editor of The Plant Cell.

PlantGDB News:

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Brendel Group - SingularityHub

What does our "SingularityHub" page offer? We are a computational genomics group and support containers for software in this realm. Typically, the containers bundle multiple packages of diverse programs that are frequently used in combination in a project. In our own work, we seek to bundle everything that should be referenced in the methods description of our scientific papers, thus ensuring complete technical reproducibility of the computational work. For usage instructions and a complete list of all available containers, please see our bgSingularityHub github repository and CATALOG page, respectively.

DNA methylation analysis workflows

BWASP: [ bwasp.sif] BWASPR: [bwaspr.sif]

Genome assembly and analysis

SRAssembler: [sra.sif] AllRice: [AllRice.sif] DiscovarDeNovo: [DDN.sif] SNPat: [SNPat.sif]


mRNAmarkup: [mRNAmarkup.sif]

Teaching tools

FMAB: [FMAB.sif]