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BIOL L507 (Z620) Spring 2014

Selected Topics in Zoology (Section 34684):
Introduction to Computational Data Processing in Biology

BIOL 507 (Z620) Spring 2014

Course description


Lecture times and locations

Mon, Wed 1:00p-2:15p, Lindley Hall (LH) 030

Tentative schedule (class notes can be viewed with Adobe Acrobat Reader)

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Mon Jan 13 1.1 Orientation
Introduction to computing environments to used in the class

Some useful tutorials:
Linux Command Shell
Volker Brendel
Wed Jan 15 2.1 Perl for bioinformatics scripting:
Introduction (Learning Perl, Chapter 1)
Scalar Data (Learning Perl, Chapter 2)
Volker Brendel
Mon Jan 20 MLK Jr. Day no class
Wed Jan 22 2.2 Perl for bioinformatics scripting:
Lists and Arrays (Learning Perl, Chapter 3)
Hashes (Learning Perl, Chapter 5)
Volker Brendel
Mon Jan 27 2.3 Perl for bioinformatics scripting:
Subroutines (Learning Perl, Chapter 4)
Volker Brendel
Wed Jan 29 2.4 Perl for bioinformatics scripting:
I/O Basics (Learning Perl, Chapter 6)
Filehandles and File Tests (Learning Perl, Chapter 11)
Volker Brendel
Mon Feb 3 2.5 Perl for bioinformatics scripting:
Regular Expressions (Learning Perl, Chapters 7-9)
Volker Brendel
Wed Feb 5 2.6 Test (Perl) Students
Mon Feb 10 3.1 R for statistical data analysis
Wed Feb 12 3.2 Instructors
Mon Feb 17 3.3 Instructors
Wed Feb 19 3.4 Test (R) Students
Mon Feb 24 4.1 Projects Instructors
Wed Feb 26 4.2 Instructors
Mon Mar 3 4.3 Instructors
Wed Mar 5 4.4 Instructors
Fri Mar 7 11:59pm Final Projects due Students